Financial institution

Members of the financial institutions group have operated at the center of the financial services industry for the last thirty years. We understand the complexity of the industry and the nuances of the market. We deliver solutions tailored to the objectives of our financial institution clients and the specific market in which they operate.

As an independent firm, EB Solutions has no ties to any other organization and is free to provide completely objective advice.

EB Solutions honest, direct, research-based approach affords a comprehensive picture of the structural issues in a transaction. Our work is built on a well-developed understanding of industry trends, market developments, credit analysis and financial/bank regulations.

Typical Assignments

Expertise & Coverage of the Team

EB Solutions provides a range of services to key parts of the financial services industry including banks, finance companies and insurance companies. In line with the firm's strong fixed income focus, EB Solutions provides services that are tailored to complex transaction situations, such as: