About Us

EB Solutions is an advisor providing consulting services, free of all conflicts of interest, to institutional clients and corporate.

We founded EB Solutions because we believe that expert institutional investment advice doesn’t come out of an institution; indeed, the best advice and customized service arise from a boutique where our incentives align with each client’s unique goals. We have structured our firm to provide customized, industry-leading investment advice, the highest levels of client service, and uncompromising ethics.

Our Values & Principles

We believe that investment advice should be provided by experienced consultants. Each of our client-facing consultants has a minimum of 12 years of investment experience.

Our consultants are thoughtful and creative with solution recommendations. They are also extremely proactive and recommendation-oriented. We resist the typical consultant temptations to provide information without conclusions, and to make timid recommendations to attain mediocre results.

EB Solutions operates with the highest ethics in the business. Our ethics are our most valuable asset, and we will not compromise them. We have absolutely no conflicts of interest in serving our clients.

EB Solutions consultants passionately believe that the best solutions arise in the context of stable, long-term partnerships with clients. We do not believe that such relationships are possible without a stable firm.


Our senior consultants have worked closely together since 2012, leading client relationships ranging from several million dollars to several billion dollars in size. Our professionals thrive on the challenge of creating robust investment solutions designed to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Client Focus

Each of EB Solutions clients has distinctive needs. We listen carefully, consider alternatives, and craft thoughtful, intelligent, comprehensive, rigorous recommendations. In each step you will find customized solutions crafted for clients’ specific circumstances.

No Conflicts of Interest

It is important to us that we sit on the same side of the table as our clients, and that our clients know that our advice is completely unbiased. Our ethical standards are uncompromising. EB Solutions has no proprietary investment products. As fiduciaries to every client and plan we serve, we share responsibility for the advice we provide.